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Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack
Nutrition Facts


Unleash the Melty Magnificence of Monterey

Indulge in the rich, authentic flavor of our premium product, Paneer. Crafted with care, it promises Asal Swaad and Asal Mazza in every bite. Elevate your culinary experience with the genuine taste of Asal Paneer—a culinary delight that captures the essence of tradition and true Indian authenticity.


Product Highlights:

  • Made from 100% Canadian Milk
  • semi-hard cheese, cream white, compact, creamy, firm, open and supple, mild flavor and slight sweetness.
  • Made in Canada with Domestic and Imported Ingredients


Available Sizes:

200g | 500g | 2.27Kg | 4.54kg



  • Keep Refrigerated.
  • Do not purchase if the pack is opened.





Storage conditions: 



Pasteurize milk, salt, culture bacteria, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme.